How Disney movies are connected

How Disney movies are connected

How Disney movies are connected

The leader of the American animation industry, Disney, has been stealing hearts for generations together. It is now involved with live-action film production, television, and their famous theme parks that fascinate children across the world. A subsidiary of the Walt Disney company- Pixar, has come about to reveal to fans that all Disney movies are, in fact, related. Avid fans of Disney have always been curious whether the Easter eggs used in the famous movie Ratatouille is the same that is being used in Inside out, Finding Dory, and more. What’s interesting is that Disney has confirmed this curiosity.

Top facts that prove the connection between Disney movies

Using scenes and props in each Disney movie proves that all the movies have some connection.

  • Frozen is connected to 73 other Disney movies.
  • Frozen is set after Tangled, and this is shown to be true because, in the movie Frozen, Anna and Elsa’s parents seem to have disappeared after a ship that was carrying them failed to return. And three years later, Frozen was released.
  • There seems to be a striking resemblance between Tangled’s queen and the king in Frozen, and the setting of both the films are Norwegian, and the princess ends up marrying a German King, and the author of Rapunzel were Germans.
  • Peter Young, the director of The great mouse detective, has also written The back cauldron, Oliver and Co, and The fox and the hound.
  • Another striking similarity is with the movie Little Mermaid. The same author of Frozen seems to have written The little mermaid, and this connection can be seen when Ariel from little mermaid discovers a shipwreck; the ship resembles the same one that Elsa’s parents from Frozen had drowned in. Although this may seem absurd, Geography never lies. To travel from the setting of Frozen- Norway to Germany where Tangled is set, you are bound to cross Denmark, and Denmark happens to be the home of the little mermaid statue. So if the ship sank between Norway and Germany, it has been lost in between, which is Denmark and happens to be Ariel’s home.
  • Another fact that shows how Disney movies are connected is the fact that the voice used in Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping beauty, Cinderella, as well as a lady and the tramp are the same person and, the director of Snow white happens to have written the story of Bambi.
  • Disney seems to have used the same writer Ralph Wright to write the storyline of four movies, namely- The Aristocats, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book.
  • Interestingly, the directors and the people who are being used as the voice-overs are the same in almost all the Disney movies.
  • The three Princesses Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel seem to be related, and to add to this; it seems like Tarzan happens to be the brother of Anna and Elsa. What confirms that the princesses are related is when Anna rushes out to meet Eugene and Rapunzel at Elsa’s coronation. This cannot happen or be a coincidence unless both movies are related.


While it is mind-boggling to try and figure out the connections between more than 73 Disney movies, it is a relief to know that all loose ends must be tied, and the abrupt endings in each of the Disney movies finally make some sense. Not only are these conspiracy theories, but the directors of these movies have confirmed this very fact- every Disney movie is linked.


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