How to download movies on Android

How to download movies on Android

How to download movies on Android

One of the biggest annoyances that most people have is not watching movies free of ads or any interruptions. Movies are best enjoyed when watched in a flow having a tub of popcorn and a soda alongside. The big question arises about whether it is possible to download movies without installing an app on your phone. It is difficult to find free movie files or download them for free without attracting a virus on your device, another issue that arises is if the movies are legal to download. Sites like torrent allow you to download movies for free, but it violates copyright laws. You can download movies from a few sites or watch them online for free without having to occupy more storage on your device.

Can I download movies without any app?

  1. Internet archive movies

It is one of the oldest used websites to download movies and has a wide range to offer. Right from thrillers to cartoons, you can download them in different file formats depending on the inbuilt video player of your device, or you can play it on a VLC media player.

  1. Sony crackle

One of the best ways to watch high-quality movies from big-time media providers like Warner brothers and universal studios is through Sony crackle. Owned by Sony, this website provides you with movies you are less likely to find anywhere else, and the quality is not compromised. There are different categories of movies and Tv-shows available, right from sci-fi to sports.

  1. Movies found online

With over 40 movies available, this website allows you to download not only movies but also documentaries, animations, and drama shows. While browsing through several genres, you can download movies according to your preference.

  1. Popcorn Flix

If you are in search of the latest movies, popcorn flix is the right place. With the list of movies constantly being updated, it also features web and film school originals. What is different in this site is that signing up isn’t necessary to watch the free movies on your computer or mobile phone.

  1. YouTube

YouTube has been the most trending app to find movies for quite a while. It is the most used platform to watch videos, and many YouTube channels feature a long list of films that you can watch for free without spending a single rupee. For the old schoolers, YouTube may be preferable as it has full-length movies that can be downloaded without an app.

Top 10 movie downloader apps for Android

  1. AVD download video – With the click of a button, this app can be downloaded and used for watching movies in the highest quality. The downloads’ are usually found in the gallery or, for some android users, in the phone’s download manager.
  2. All Video downloader – This app allows you to download movies but audio, photos, and e-books, unlike some apps that are downloaded and sometimes may require the internet to connect all video downloader does not require any internet to watch a movie or just read a new novel.
  3. Netflix – This app has gained more popularity than any other. Used internationally and widely known for its breathtaking serials and movies, this app has recently introduced the feature of downloading videos and saving them in the memory card of your device. Netflix’s drawback is that it does not allow you to download videos from their titles and is allowed only for certain ones.
  4. Flixster Video – This app is the most suited for android devices, which can either be streamed or the full-length movie can be downloaded onto your device and can be watched during your leisure time.
  5. Popcorn time – Most people who do not opt to pay a yearly subscription for Netflix and amazon prime have moved on using popcorn time. This app allows the user to stream movies directly as it is completely free. One of the biggest advantages of using this app is that it does not bother you with annoying ads but allows you to sit back and download the catalog of movies that you can choose from to watch according to your mood.
  6. VUDU Movies and TV – With just a few clicks and swipes, this app allows you to watch full-length movies wherever and whenever you want. The latest TV shows and movies are found on this app, and it allows you to own only what you want rather than subscribing or downloading movies that do not suit your taste.
  7. Amazon prime video – Amazon prime has thousands of happy customers who are more than happy with the never-ending movies and TV shows on the app. Prime membership is exclusive, and as long as you are a member, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of international and regional movies and TV shows. The flipside to using Amazon prime is that it requires a subscription, which means that the award-winning movies aren’t available for all to see.
  8. BBC iplayer – As per the internet connection, you have this app customizing the movies you can and cannot download. Free for all android devices, this app has the option of LIVE TV and can brush up on what you have missed for the past 30 days. With the feature of Chromecast, you can watch the content on a big screen.
  9. Hot star – This app has gained popularity over the past couple of years. It may not be the ideal app for users outside of India but offers exclusive Indian content, be it the IPL scores to a wide range of movies and content from Star network channels.
  10. Google play movies and TV – Google plays movies provides a user with a wide range of movies you would probably not find anywhere else. However, most people think twice about using this app due to the added feature of having to purchase the movie before downloading it. It is highly compatible with Android and can be used on your HDTV through Chromecast


Each day newer apps and movies are being added to provide customers with an experience they will never forget. With the rise in popularity of movies being released on OTT platforms, more and more people are moving towards paying a minimal amount for a subscription that opens the door to a million opportunities if you are a movie buff. It all happens only just a click away.


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