How to play 4k movies on the TV

How to play 4k movies on the TV

How to play 4k movies

4k resolution refers to the horizontal display of about 4000 pixels. 4k content is widely available on streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. This resolution is largely used to provide better quality content, pictures, and videos with great detail. It works best on screens that are larger and makes images look less pixelated than it is. It has the potential to deliver images as good as 3D without the use of glasses.

How to play movies on the TV

  1. Your TV needs to support 4k – Watching videos or any content with 4k resolution requires you to have a TV that supports 4k; you cannot watch a 4k movie on a TV that does not support it.
  2. 4k ready source – Streaming services built on Netflix and YouTube will provide you 4k content without any external source. Modern input sources such as X-box and PlayStation, Blue-ray need to be purchased to be streamed on the TV. These input sources support 4k DVDs at 60 frames per second.
  3. Stream 4K videos – 4K DVDs are expensive and require you to shell out a lot more money. Streaming the content on the TV is possible using a gaming console or a computer. Most streaming services put out content in 4K, so this will save you from purchasing input sources of exorbitant rates.
  4. Good internet – To prevent any interruptions while streaming the video, make sure you have a stable internet connection to have consistent speed and allow you to watch it without any disruptions.
  5. Purchase a 4K HDMI cable – Almost every television comes with an HDMI cable, and most cables support 4K movies. The standard HDMI cables support up to 30 frames per second; however, the recent cable version supports about 60 frames per second, which is preferable to stream videos.
  6. Connect the cable to your TV – Plug one end of the cable into the video source and the other end of the video to your TV’s HDMI port.
  7. Sit as close as possible to the TV – 4K content is relatively dense compared to HD. Sitting closer to the television will give you the best quality of the video, with the content being nothing less than crystal clear.
  8. Change the TV settings if necessary – Most times, your TV may be set at the default quality of 1080p. To change this to 4K, you might have to go to your TV setting and change this manually, or by using the manual, you will be able to figure out a way around it.

Another concept that one must keep in mind, especially when purchasing a new TV or device to stream 4K movies, is UHD and HDR.

UHD refers to Ultra-high-definition, and HDR refers to high dynamic range. Years before these concepts arrived, it was easy to pick out a TV as everything had the same capability; the only difference was the screen size. HDR monitors are mostly concerned with contrast and brightness and allow users to choose from a comprehensive range of colors. One of HDR’s main advantages is that it allows a person to see color in detail and is very useful when watching videos that are made in the dark. HDR makes an excellent choice for gamers, as it makes everything look realistic. UHD, on the other hand, is no concern with color but the quality of images. UHD monitors are often confused with 4K monitors. The difference between the two is that UHD is effective for broadcasting content, and 4K is of a cinematic standard. Nowadays, monitors come with both UHD and HDR, and no choice needs to be made. A better choice for those involved in graphic design would be HDR due to the intricacy in details that it provides.

Some of the best movies to watch in 4K include Ghostbusters, the life of Pi, Interstellar, Dead pool, American hustle, and Gladiator. These movies will provide you with an enthralling experience when watched in 4K.

Best services to watch the 4K movies

Most of these services require you to take a subscription, but they are worth every penny.

  1. Netflix – With its never-ending list of serials and movies, they were amongst the first to stream content in 4K; it works best uninterrupted with an internet speed of 25mbps. Their first serial that was showcased in 4K was the house of cards. Since then, their content has been growing exponentially, with all of the original series being shot in 4K providing its viewers with a breathtaking experience.
  2. Amazon prime video – With its competitor Netflix it still proves to be a leader in providing unmatched services in 4K. As part of its prime series, it has a selection of 4K Ultra HD movies as part of its collection. In the recent past, most of the original series have been shot in 4K, such as Mozart in the jingle, and has expanded most of its original series and television serials and films.
  3. Disney+ – There are over 400 movies that you can choose from, most available in 4K. While some of it still hasn’t been adapted to 4K, most of the new content released on Disney is exclusively in 4K. Disney plus is home to the best movies and documentaries from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, most of which are available in 4k to provide its viewers with never-ending options and an experience is hard to forget.
  4. YouTube – If it is to stream the most random thing in 4K, YouTube is your best choice. Although it does not provide full-length movies in 4K, trailers and videos of a good length are available and have become one of the best sources for 4K Ultra HD content. Viewing videos on YouTube does not require any premium to be paid, which is one advantage that it has over other services that stream 4K content.
  5. Hulu – Not the best choice of many, but Hulu has been expanding its services. Although it was initially available only for Apple TV, it has expanded to Amazon F ire TV platform, X box, and LG TV. Although its originals are found in 4K, most of them require the user to hunt for them a bit. They have grown over the past couple of years and are expected to expand their selection in the coming years.


Watching movies from your house needs to be as good, If not better, than doing so in a movie theater, which is why selecting the right service to stream 4K movies is crucial to getting the rush from watching the movies. Streaming 4K content is as easy as it gets with the improvement in technology. With the right selection of streaming services, quality content is something you will never compromise on after you get a taste of it.


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