Kate Ashfield — Biography and Life of English Actres

Kate Ashfield — Biography and Life of English Actres

Kate Ashfield Biography and Life of English Actres

Kate Ashfield is not a very conventional name with the masses. Her portrayal of muddled characters and those having a lot of emotional depth have successfully kept her from the most common names. This impacts her recognition; nonetheless, her acting ability thrives in sheer excellence.

After winning some of the most prestigious awards, Kate Ashfield has now turned to explore the different creative aspects within her, like writing. Far from frivolous writings, she kicks started her career with a drama known as ‘Born to kill.’ ‘Born to kill’ portrays the dark side of teenage life and a teenager marinating in his psychotic desires to kill.

Even setting her mark in both classical and contemporary films of diverse genres, Kate Ashfield is in no mood for a halt. She continues with her experiments and plans to tap on every bit of creativity aura.

Kate Ashfield Early Life And Family

There is a shortage of information when it comes to Kate Ashfield’s early life and family. She hailed from English ethnicity and was born on the 28th of May in the year 1972.

Kate Ashfield was born to Richard Burton and Sybil Burton. She was interested in acting from an early age; however, she once said in an interview that she wanted to become a doctor. However, soon after realized that she will always regret not acting on her true passion for pursuing medicine.

Kate Ashfield did her schooling at King Edward VI Camp High School for Girls, which is in Birmingham, and later on, pursued her degree from Rose Bruford College.

Besides this information, we hardly get to know anything about her siblings and the days before Kate Ashfield became who she is now, post her encounter with limelight and fame.

First Steps in Career and the Limelight

In 1994, Kate Ashfield debuted as Ella in the movie ‘Princess Caraboo’ which is directed by John Wells ever since she did multiple exciting films and successfully portrayed few exceptional underrated characters. Although soon after her first film, she made her first appearance in the theatre world in a very controversial play of 1995, presented by the Royal Court Production. The play was named ‘Blasted,’ and the reactions entirely justified the name.

However, Kate Ashfield seemed to enjoy every bit of the controversy. She even mentioned how theatre is not a provocative form of art inherently, and ‘Blasted’ acted as a pivotal point around which many people went to theatres for the first time. Her character in ‘Blasted’ was equally controversial as she had to play a scene in which she was seen performing very graphic oral sex on a man. This reflects her courageous choices, which were way ahead of her time.

Kate Ashfield made a niche out of her characters, which aren’t something that can make drawing-room conversation yet extremely impactful in the cine-world. She seems to believe in art that evokes emotions simultaneously and gives us some food for our thoughts. Her filmography has a varied range, starting from ‘Shopping and Fucking’, which deals with consumerism’s caustic effects, to a cult classic known as ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Theodor Dostoevesky. She portrayed extremely performance-oriented gory characters in her initial days and didn’t engage in mindless performances.

Kate Ashfield has constantly tried to push the envelope from her early days. Starting from ‘The War Zone,’ who spoke about a father constantly abusing his daughter and domestic violence. Even though Kate Ashfield was a part of these diverse and acclaimed movies, she still wasn’t a name in the industry.

Kate Ashfield Top Rated Movies and Tv Show

Kate Ashfield made her mark through the character of Liz in ‘Shaun of the Dead.’ She was even nominated for The Best British Actress award by the Empire Awards in Uk.

There is a list of Kate Ashfield movies and t.v shows because she gained a mark of her own. A few of those include the Anglo-German movie titled ‘Late Night Shopping’ and ‘This Little Life,’ where she plays Sadie MacGregor’s character. She even won the Best Actress category in British Independent Film Awards for ‘Late Night Shopping.’

Kate Ashfield movies and t.v shows might not be a winner of a lot of awards but have an audience of their own. Her most famous t.v shows include Secret Smile, Line of Duty, Secrets, and Lies, to name a few.

However, Secret Smile needs a special mention. This was the first time Kate Ashfield was playing the main character. She excelled as a vengeful, protective woman who has excellent intuition. Miranda Cotton as a character stays with Kate Ashfield fans. It reflected a woman in the light of being fiercely territorial and as a being who stands up for what they don’t want.

Kate Ashfield movies and t.v shows follow an offbeat trajectory on their own. As a break from thought-provoking films, she even explored the horror zone with ‘When the lights went out’ is her first supernatural horror film.

The lights went out on the film and ‘When the lights went out’ was removed from the theatre.

Where is she at The moment

Kate Ashfield continues to impart entertainment till the present time. Her most recent work has been a t.v show named ‘Sanditon’ and ‘A Confession,’ both of which aired in 2019. However, Kate Ashfield doesn’t plan on tying the horses on a mundane note anytime shortly. Presently she is working in Portugal with Col Meaney for the movie ‘There’s Always Hope.’


Kate Ashfield, despite doing such thunderous works, is still not a commercial name. Maybe it has something to do with her choices but yet is a bit unfair. However, she being an optimist she is, talks about how she gets to act without having to deal with celebrity hassles. We hope she continues to push the envelope and maybe tear it someday, along with her fine acting skills.


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