These Five Tech Skills Are Increasing The Output Of Petroleum Engineers

These Five Tech Skills Are Increasing The Output Of Petroleum Engineers

The lifestyle in the 21st century is a result of many years of innovation and human evolution. Technology and resources have created a much better world than years ago. The tech industry has contributed enormously towards our stability, especially in the economy and production.

Innovation in robotics and software has allowed many companies to double their production, bringing more objects and services to more people. Although we associate tech skills with products such as computers, cell phones, and digital services, it is essential to understand how this industry is present in raw materials production. From agriculture to oil extraction, there will always be a technological process behind each job.

Oil in the Future

How has the relationship been between petroleum engineering and the tech industry? Oil production will continue to increase. An IEA study says that by 2025 the oil demand will grow to 5 mb/d, with China and India accounting for half of that growth. Much of that production is processed into fuel for vehicles. However, this business may lose its stability with the popularity of electric cars.

Many countries want to use their oil resources to achieve economic stability and international business since it is used as a raw material for many other companies. To achieve the objective of increasing extraction, you have to think of new processes, innovative ideas—you have to invest in petroleum engineering. For that reason, the tech industry and this area have a tremendous commitment to the world today. Find out now which are the five most important trends in technology for the oil industry.

Monitoring in Oil Wells

One of the significant challenges of engineering, in general, is to use the least amount of resources to obtain the most efficient results. Oil well monitoring can be an easy task when it comes to onshore reservoirs. But what happens when the well is in the middle of the ocean?

The extraction industry knows that these jobs represent a large cost. You need to install the platforms, get the personnel to these places, do the excavation, and monitor the work area. Monitoring is essential in these areas because if the supply of oil or gas disappears, all investment disappears. A risky move requires smart skills, which is why the tech industry has created efficient monitoring systems.

O&G companies have developed several sensor systems that evaluate the extraction surfaces and the operability of the platforms over the years. These workplaces have digital monitoring, satellite internet coverage, and direct communication with land control bases.

Data Processing

The oil industry knows that information is an indispensable tool for being organized at all times. For a long time, these companies have had data scientists who allow numbers and references to have a good explanation for the general production.

With this type of work, oil companies record how many barrels are extracted daily. They can also have information on rising tectonic plates, earthquakes, a compilation of the previous drilling, and behavior of the surface according to other drilling, pressure data, temperature, and flow rate. All these results are stored in a central system, which offers quick products.

Clean and Safe Production

Oil production plays a big part in the deterioration of the environment. This industry has caused significant damage to planet earth for many years. However, many companies are making different proposals to create clean and efficient resources.

Petroleum engineering has tried to find various alternatives to this situation. One of the ideas is to reduce oil production. Still, this idea may have (for now) an adverse effect on the world economy since many companies need this resource as raw material, and as long as there is no replacement, demand will remain stable.

Cerion Energy recently made an important alliance with the tech industry for the production of clean fuel. This proposal is about a diesel created from nanotechnology, which reduces by 8 percent the minimum consumption and considerably reduces toxic emissions. An incredible idea that is still a useful option for transportation in cities.

Smart Hydration

Blue Gentoo is one of the tech companies that has had a significant development with this petroleum process aspect. The company’s proposals consist of intelligent systems that allow the digitization of gas extraction for real-time oil.

Why is this invention a good thing for the oil industry? In 2018, a Forbes article on the Blue Gentoo proposal explained the problem of hydrated gas: “they represent a threat to the guarantee of the oil flow, which can have consequences on the environment and the safety of workers, as well as the sea surface”. This tech strategy would avoid possible accidents on the platforms while simultaneously improving everyone’s safety and the investment of money.

Digital Detection and Inspection

In the past, accidents in this industry were common because manual work could not meet all the company’s expectations. However, for several years now, the tech industry has provided various solutions for maintenance oil workers: digital inspection!

It is difficult to tell if an oil or gas pipeline has internal cracks. Previously, to know the status of a channel, it was necessary to stop production and disarm the entire pumping system. That is not a problem currently. Several companies have developed scanner systems that digitize in real-time the internal state of pipes and machinery. This system is known as OLEG. This makes it easier to see when a part is leaking, saving money, and providing efficient results for everyone.


Having the support of the tech industry is an advantage for all companies in the world. It is proven that technological support makes almost any process more efficient. Investing in this industry is a crucial task. Damage to the environment is a long-term problem, but accidents for workers are sometimes forever. It is essential to know how petroleum engineering is heading in the right direction. We must use the planet’s resources responsibly, taking care of the environment, but focused on meeting all needs.

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